Jee Eon Kim, Ph.D.

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Hello, I recently defended my Ph.D. dissertation in the inorganic chemistry in The Schelter Group at the University of Pennsylvania. I am currently looking for a full-time position in inorganic/material Research & Development in the San Francisco Bay Area.

My graduate research focused on developing model systems to control the electronic properties of lanthanide metal cations using novel ligand sets that I synthesized. I mainly studied tri- and teteravalent cerium cation, in order to utilize its strong Lewis acidity and its unique Ce(III/IV) redox property in both organic transformation reactions and achieving new tetravalent lanthanide metal complexes at molecular level. The thorough characterizations of over 25 new lanthanide metal complexes were performed including spectroscopic, crystallographic and electrochemical analysis as well as DFT theoretical calculations.



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NMR, FTIR, GC/MS, LC/MS, HPLC, TLC, UV-Vis, Electrochemical analysis, X-ray Crystallography and Gaussian structure calculation.